Your Stories Become Your Power

I am a Tarot & Astrology storyteller. I use these ancient practices for unique views on modern problems.
Your Stories Become Your Power

Don't let feelings of confusion and inconsistency with the outside world keep you doubting yourself.

Feelings of clarity and confidence are your birthright.

Cards | Tarot Readings

Tarot cards are an ancient form of communication telling your story in pictures, icons and symbols. What story do the cards have in store for you?

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Minimal graphic image of 3 simple designed tarot cards. The first card is simple an outline of a card shape with a sword icon, the second with a sun icon, and the third card has a moon icon. Representing 3 cards of a tarot deck.

Stars | Astrocartography

A traditional practice using the study of astrological influences and how they specifically apply to you based on the moment you were born and geographic location. Are you thinking about relocating?

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Minimal graphic image of a simple line graphic of a globe with orbits going around it. An eye is on the top and moon on the side and another orbit below right. Representing a global world with celestial bodies surrounding it.


Custom Consultation Services are a private discussion about all things icons, symbols and archetypes. Are you having a recurring dream?

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Minimal graphic image, line drawing graphic of two women looking at each other. Represent seeking communication and connection of self or with another..

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Kathryn Mitchell
Intuitive tools like Tarot cards, Astrology wheels, and the i-Ching all have a common language, archetypes. I will use my intuition during our consultation to commune with the Divine to interpret your story.
Kathryn Mitchell
Just as all the words in the dictionary are made up of letters of the alphabet, so may the Tarot cards, Astrology Charts, I Ching, etc., be arranged to form a limitless number of "words" in their own language of pictorial symbolism.
Kathryn Mitchell

Yes, I am working with Angels and Demons and why aren't you? The most important relationship in my life is between me and a power greater than myself, God.

Kathryn Mitchell
“I LOVE using the Tarot cards to share stories of growth through adversity. Every story holds an everlasting truth and hope that the end of one story is knowing it is actually the beginning of the next great adventure.” Kathryn Mitchell, M.Ed.
Regina O Consultation

My consultation with Kathryn was very clear and easy to understand. I am able to stand my sacred ground, state my needs and desires, and offer invitations rather than expectations. I am most grateful for the peace and confidence I feel inside.

Tessa V. Stars | Astrocartography

I wanted confirmation about my upcoming move to Europe. She encouraged me and reaffirmed my confidence in my decision to make the move. The map showed that Spain was indeed a country aligned with my best interests, especially for my career and my personal life. She's one of the most authentic, enthusiastic and positive people I know who genuinely cares. 

Patti C. Cards | Tarot Reading

Kathryn's consultation offered me a wonderful analysis and a great resource. She guided me to look at myself in a different way. Defects of character could be turned into assets when used for growth. It was a new way of seeing. I received a printed guide that outlined things relevant to me, my spirit guides, scents and stones that would work well for me. 

Andrea J. Consultation

I didn't feel one bit uneasy with Kathryn. Her genuineness radiated from the moment I met her. Kathryn is an amazing and beautiful light in this world. Kathryn helped open my perspective to the idea that my life is so abundant. The things I want and desire can and will come true if I decide to trust freely.

MARI T Cards | Tarot

I did not know my truth was hidden so deeply inside me. All it needed was some light which shone brightly in our reading. The full price was a bit demanding compared to other readers' prices. I am happy to be paying for a more intimate, deeply authentic reading experience with Kathryn. So much so, I have referred many clients to Kathryn.

Change Your Story Change Your Life

Stories are powerful and can be entertaining. The stories we tell ourselves can uplift or oppress our core issues. Uplifting stories are better for all. Storytelling can expand our perceptions and beliefs about ourselves, other people, situations, and events. I can help clarify your story and give you an empowered understanding of who you are to support an improved confidence and peace of mind.

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Choose a reading that will inspire and help you to tell your unique story with confidence.

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Think about one clear question you would like to know more about. Get ideas here.

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Book your reading. You will receive a specific answer within 72 hours, or sooner if you like!