Angels or Demons?

Yes, I am working with Angels and Demons. Isn't everybody?

The most important relationship in my life is between me and a power greater than myself, God. I have experienced love is the most powerful force in the universe. I have the willingness to see myself as a whole and as wholly person. 

Working with Angels, Demons and several other archetypes that help me understand my Creator, Mother-Father-God, has been a lifelong journey for me. I realized my life can change when I change my way of thinking. I do that through stories I tell myself. I learned this from Mary Condren, Ph.D.'s lectures I attended at Trinity University in Dublin Ireland. Her research draws on mythology, political psychology, psychoanalytic, philosophical and feminist theories. Her book, The Serpent and the Goddess: Women, Religion, and Power in Celtic Ireland, systematically changed my way of thinking about myself, country, culture and the world.

Today I do experience more love, feel useful and enjoy more of what life has to offer. I have found empowerment through formal studies, working with intuitives, and the guidance of other professionals working with both Angels and Devils. The quoted text below is from some of my self studies from a Tibetan Meditation practice taught by Tsultrim Allione.

“Fears, obsessions, addictions are all parts of ourselves that have become “demonic” by being split off, disowned, and battled against. When you try to flee from your demons, they pursue you. By struggling with them, you become weaker and may even succumb to them completely. For example, someone who struggles with the demon of alcoholism may eventually die of liver disease. Someone who struggles with the demon of depression may eventually commit suicide. We need to recognize the futility of this struggle and begin to accept and even love those parts of ourselves.” Tsultrim Allione, 5 Steps of Feeding Your Demons®, (webpage).

While I love a great horror movie and have been terrified by images of dark forces portrayed in media, I end up laughing at myself for being fooled by the illusion of the movie/media. I laugh at myself because I know I was never in danger. It’s part of what makes the movie so F-U-N; I was fooled. It is the exact same message when The Devil Tarot card appears in a pattern, and yes, real life can be just as F-U-N.

The Devil Tarot card reminds me that NO person, place or situation can separate me from my Creator, Mother-Father-God. BUT, hidden behind the feelings are insights worthy of attention and most importantly - a sense of humor.

It is easy to know that people, places, and situations are not what they appear to be - most of the time. The dance of life is taking what we know and connecting it to our heart and making it part of our everyday life. Therefore, part of my spiritual practice is to engage with seeming devils, demons, and adversaries that appear. 

Ultimately, the insights and reminders prove to be that an essential right and freedom that I had thought I had lost was entirely up to me. Once I name what I am (seemingly) powerless over, I begin the journey reclaiming my power.

Reviewing my past, I can laugh at the Devils that crossed my path. I can even thank them for shining a light on my blind spots.

Angels and Demons are both very old and beloved archetypes making them universally poignant, powerful in evoking an emotional response. According to Jungian Psychology (website) your subconscious will respond to our conscious thoughts and beliefs about the, “Angels” and “Devils” we perceive influencing our lives. Most cultures perceive Angels as opportunities for liberation and Devils as bondage's to pain. 

I have been formally studying ~60 archetypes (including Angel/divine and Devil/demon archetypes) since 2011. Spiritual journeys are very personal and usually private for everyone to hold in their belief system. The most important relationship in my life is between me and a power greater than myself, God.


I'm eternally grateful to my friend Suzanne Daley. She is an intuitive who has been transmuting dark entities into light for many years. She has guided me through discovering my own vibrations of lightness and frequencies of personal truths.

I would like to honor acupuncturist, Dana Price (website) for introducing me to the 9 Breaths Meditation Practice by Tsultrim Allione (website). Both women have made a significant impact on working with my demons. There are other elements to my spiritual practice such as attending Franciscan church services at Our Lady of the Angels, studying B.O.T.A., storytelling as a tool of self-agency from Mary Condren Ph.D., archetypes by Carl Jung Ph.D., and Caroline Myss Ph.D.

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