Tips for Asking Questions

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Star Light, Star Bright... May the cards align my story just right.

Making a wish upon a star will shed light upon how to ask the question required before any of the C&S services.

Your story is your power. How you tell your stories will determine how you live your life. I've broken it down to specific categories of Wealth, Relationship, and Personal Growth.

One of the easiest ways I tell people who are looking for guidance on how to phrase their question is to first ask it as if it were a wish. For example, “I wish I had more money.” Then rephrase it as a question like so – “What do I need to know about increasing my financial abundance?”

Wealth - How to ask your question about wealth with examples

Acquiring wealth can be a mysterious, sweet, and nourishing gift of luck. Like ripe fruit that has fallen into our lap. Another form of acquiring or losing wealth is a result of one's own efforts. Regardless, having a picture of what wealth looks like in –YOUR LIFE NOW– is just as important as how you tell your story of wealth in your future.

  • I wish I had limitless amounts of money. 
    Why do I feel like there will never be enough money to take care of my loved ones? 
  • I wish I wasn’t a slave to bills.
    How can I have both wealth and freedom? 
  • I wish I had a better sense of money management. 
    What do I need to do, to manage my money better?
  • I wish I could give my money to everyone.
    How do I decide who to give it to, without being taken advantage of?


Relationship - How to ask your question about the relationship with examples

Relationships are in every part of the human experience. We are born completely dependent on each other for every physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual need. As we mature, including others becomes a choice. When forming a question, it helps to focus on which relationship you are asking about. Is it a friend, business relationship, mentor, family member, romantic partner?

  • I wish my boss liked me more.
    Why is it important for me to gain this person’s approval?
  • I wish I didn’t care about what my family thinks about me, but I do.
    How can I resolve these feelings of disconnection?
  • I wish I believed in my business partner.
    How do I trust my intuition about our partnership and deal with it?
  • I wish my family could get along again.
    Is it possible for our family to have joy, love, and happiness again?


Personal Growth - How to ask your question about personal growth with examples 

No matter where you go, there you are. But you can always do something about it no matter what the situation you find yourself. Take it as a learning opportunity for growth and understanding.

  • I wish I could go on vacation in the South Pacific or in Europe.
    Where is the most advantageous place for me to go?
  • I wish I could retire abroad.
    What countries are the best for me to start envisioning for myself?
  • I wish I felt comfortable and confident everywhere I go.
    What can I do to feel confident in any situation?
  • I wish I could finish my 12-step program.
    Why do I keep getting in my own way?

Your story becomes your power. 

Stories are powerful.

What stories are you creating now? 


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Tips for Asking Questions

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