How do you tell a story?

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Custom consultation chat about anything you want using the tool you prefer - if I have it.

Intuitive tools like Tarot cards, Astrology wheels, and the i-Ching all have a common language, archetypes. I will use my intuition during our consultation to commune with the Divine to interpret your story. (Cheat Sheet)

“I LOVE using Divination to share stories of growth through adversity. Every story holds an everlasting truth and hope that the end of one story is knowing it is actually the beginning of the next great adventure.” Kathryn Mitchell, M.Ed.

I use a technique called symbolic sight with most types of Divination. During a consultation we look at the archetypes, symbols and icons that repeatedly show up to better understand oneself, the situation we find ourselves in and what possible stories can come from it.

With this self awareness the challenges and rewards of our lives adventure become easier to deal with, as conscious choices in life.  Over time, we learn to make choices that contribute to creating a meaningful life.

  1. Choose a C&S Report that will inspire and empower you to tell your unique story with confidence. 
  2. All consultations begin with a sincere seeker asking a question. The Star Blog, Make A Wish To Ask A Question is a dynamic way to turn any wish into a meaningful question for this purpose.
  3. I receive the question, payment and email address to deliver the order.
  4. I create a safe space, use the Tarot Cards with the question and write the story in the C&S Report. 
  5. Your report comes in an email as a PDF. 

Every service has the option for a FREE 20 minute consultation to confirm and clarify your story.

Your story becomes your power. 

Stories are powerful.

What stories are you creating now? 


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    How do you tell a story?

    Step 1.

    Choose a reading that will inspire and help you to tell your unique story with confidence.

    Step 2.

    Think about one clear question you would like to know more about. Get ideas here.

    Step 3.

    Book your reading. You will receive a specific answer within 72 hours, or sooner if you like!