Self Care with Shundeen

 I am a neonatal nurse. I am sharing this information with Kathryn, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I am hoping that sharing this information inspires self-care for everyone that reads it. We all need it regardless of a global pandemic crisis.

My favorite way to self-care is with a facial. I do it about once a week. I love them so much. I save money to pay for a “Facial of the Month,” service that mails them to me. (Body Beautiful spa)

“Even though I know true beauty is an inside job, and I do make time daily for that, after I am done with every facial I feel so fresh and new and shiny from the inside out.” 

Kathryn is a trusted friend and has been giving me Tarot and Astrology readings since 2018.




Your story becomes your power. 

Stories are powerful.

What stories are you creating now? 

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black and white close up photo of a smiling woman, whit her eyes closed, while having her hands lathered with soap on each side of her face. Representing happiness of self care.

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