About Kathryn

BW photo of Kathryn Mitchell sitting at a table with her computer. A large abstract celestial painting is in the background. She is facing forward with a big smile, hands clasped in front of her heart and showing appreciation, excitement, and happiness in her facial expression.


Kathryn (she/her) is a Tarot and Astrology Diviner, retired Exceptional Students Teacher of over 20 years, Women Rights advocate and creative. She was born and raised in Arizona.

Kathryn offers private Tarot and Astrological consultations by appointment. In addition, she offers storytelling and advocacy mentorship to students needing a practicum or Creative Thesis professional advisor. She is available as a guest speaker at conventions and offers 15-20 minute complimentary introductory talks on storytelling and social activism as a platform for positive personal and social change to civic groups, clubs and service organizations.

Greek marble statue of Athena, goddess of war. 

Your story becomes your power. 

Stories are powerful.

What stories are you creating now? 

About the Author  Kathyrn Mitchell

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