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A traditional practice using the study of astrological influences and how they specifically apply to you based on when and where you were born. Are you thinking about relocating?

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Astrocartography is a traditional practice using the study of astrological influences and how they specifically apply to you based on the moment you were born and geographic location.

If you’ve been looking for a good place to live, travel, retire, or host a family reunion, astrocartography is an amazing way to find out which areas are going to be best for you and which are best to be avoided.


  • Astrological Birth Chart
  • Astrocartography map of the continent(s) of choice
  • Brief written description of how your personality is enhanced on that particular continent(s)
  • 20 minute followup chat with Kathryn

If you know of a place you are interested in, you can ask a question to learn about which specific life activities are powerful for you there. Conversely, If you know exactly the type of experiences you want, lead with that information as a wish or a question.

The map is drawn by a computer, furnished with your birth data, and shows the places on Earth from which the ten planets were angular (appeared at their most powerful positions) at the moment of your birth. It shows these by drawing colored lines across the map, and anywhere along or near these lines are the planetary zones (4) of power.

Your C&S Report will be emailed to you within 72 hours. You have the option for a printed, shipped, and expedited version of the C&S Report with each additional service having an additional cost.


A FREE 20-minute follow-up consultation is available up to ten (10) days after your C&S Report is available to enjoy. If you prefer a longer discussion, additional time will be charged by 20-minute increments of $20 each.

How it works

Once you have chosen the kind of reading you want and clicked "Add to Cart" you will be taken to the Shopping Cart page where you can write your question and if you are purchasing an astrocartography reading you must also add your birth date, place and time. This is required information. Please have your question prepared for final checkout. Tips for how to ask your question.

When & What to expect

After you have purchased a reading and have provided the required information. You will receive an email with a Summary Report that will cover a varied amount of information in regards to your question. Included will be any related pictures of the topic discussed and their significance. It will be a PDF file attachment for you to download and keep.

You get a free 20 minute follow up consultation chat to be used within 10 days after your reading is delivered.


The stories are for entertainment and recreation as stated by United States tax law. All services are for persons of legal adult age as is defined by where you are in real life during purchase.

Refunds + disclaimer

All readings are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantees are offered. No refunds or exchanges!

If something in your reading is unclear to you, then you can contact me within 10 days of receiving your PDF email to schedule your free 20 minute follow up call for any clarification!  

Life happens. If you need to change our appointment, you can do that by contacting me here.

Notification to reschedule an appointment is greatly appreciated and your purchase will be honored.

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Choose a reading that will inspire and help you to tell your unique story with confidence.

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Book your reading. You will receive a specific answer within 72 hours, or sooner if you like!